Entry Level tournaments are intended for all players whose standard of play is below the high level competitions (such as Suffolk League/Cup/Handicap, Eastern Region, Essex / Cambridgeshire League, and above).  We are hoping that the following affiliated clubs will host at least one Entry Level tournament during the season.

  • Bury Bobcats
  • Stowmarket
  • Ipswich Ravens
  • SCC Seagulls
  • Team Suffolk

Different players want to get different things from their tournament volleyball. Some want it to be competitive, some prefer developmental, and some prefer social (see below for definitions).  A benefit of having tournaments hosted by different clubs is that each club can select a format to suit itself, leading to an overall variety where hopefully there will be something to suit everyone.  We are NOT aiming to produce a series of tournaments all having basically the same format.


  • Each club must nominate a lead contact for communications with other clubs
  • Communications will mostly be done via a WhatsApp group
  • Each club picks a date or dates when it will run a tournament
  • Dates should be fixed as early as possible in the season
  • There is no need for all clubs to participate in every tournament
  • Entry fee for each tournament is chosen by the host club and can differ from the others
  • The host club is responsible for ensuring adequate first aid and safeguarding
  • Insurance - Volleyball England have confirmed that there is no need for the host club to make any special arrangements for insurance purposes provided all players are members of affiliated clubs

Some things for the host club to consider when publicising their tournament:


  1. Competitiveness - The host club can choose whether to make the tournament Competitive, Developmental, or Social:

    Competitive tournaments are for Entry Level Players ONLY  (NO players on court who play in squads at higher level).  The aim of a Competitive tournament is to find out who is making most progress towards higher level.  All players should play to the maximum of their ability (hitting, spiking, serving etc) with no need to consider their opponents' morale.  If the host club chooses to hold a Competitive tournament, it must ensure that suitable referees are present and suitable whistles are provided. It’s also an ideal opportunity for novice scorers to get practical experience of using a scoresheet (click to watch a 30-minute video)

    Developmental tournaments are intended to help build experience, including players having their first ever tournament. Higher level players may be allowed to participate but if so they must play in a way to support the development of players on BOTH teams. All players should be considerate of the morale of their opponents, large winning margins are undesirable. The host club might choose to include rules to prevent domination by strong individuals, e.g. under arm serving, maximum 3 serves, no spiking and so on. Referees are not essential for Developmental tournaments, but they are still an ideal opportunity for novice referees to build experience.

    Social tournaments are primarily for volleyballers from different clubs to play friendly games together, with no particular attention on who has won. The host club might choose to include rules to mix players from different teams after each round. Other novelty rules could potentially be introduced.

  2. Participants – is the tournament for teams of men/boys, or women/girls, or mixed?

    For Mixed tournaments, what net height will be used? Should there be a minimum number of women on court? Bearing in mind that these tournaments are NOT for high level players, it’s most likely that Competitive Mixed tournaments would be dominated by men, so instead it might work better to make them Social or Developmental. The host club might then choose to include rules to reduce male domination, e.g. separate rotations for women and men in front and back court, restrictions on serving and so on.

    Note: men's tournaments are open to women players but the net will be at men's height.

    The host club can decide to run separate simultaneous tournaments for men and women if they wish.

  3. Team size – the host club can choose to run either a 6v6 tournament or alternatively a smaller format such as teams of 4 players, Volley 2s, etc.  Note that Volley 2's can be made suitable for complete beginners since catch and throw is allowable in lower classes.


  4. Basic admin - Date, Venue, Start time, Duration, Entry fee, Closing date for entries, Maximum number of teams.  Please try to fix your tournament date(s) as early as possible in the season.



Date Host Club Time Venue Format
16 Oct 2022 Bury 2-6pm Bury LC  IP33 3TT Open - Competitive
13 Nov 2022 Ravens 11-2pm St Albans  IP4 3NJ Open - Competitive
29 Jan 2023 TBA