Indoor Volleyball Venues

Still under construction

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Available for Public Booking

  • Suffolk New College, Ipswich

    Hall includes 3 full length curtains making it possible to book single or two individual badminton courts with 7m nets, as well as half hall or full hall configurations.   The 6v6 match court (green lines) is offset over 3 badminton courts.  Posts with support pins and wall sliders, not suitable for NVL.  Also 2x half hall nets.

    Can be booked up to 7 days in advance via which indicates the time slots and courts available, and prices

    To book further in advance contact the SNC Sports Centre

  • Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, Stowmarket


  • Suffolk One, Ipswich

    Six badminton courts. Curtain divides into two halves each with three badminton courts.  One of these has volleyball markings and anchored posts, has been used for NVL.  No small-court setup available.

  • Hadleigh High School

    1 pair of roll-on posts only, men's height, no net. Single badminton court can be curtained off. Suitable for beginner sessions only. Book via Abbeycroft Leisure.

Used by SVA Clubs

  • Northgate Sports Centre, Ipswich

    2 pairs of posts suitable for NVL, referee stand and 9m nets, equipment owned by Ipswich VC.  Gallery for spectators.

  • Floor markings for full 6v6 court (centered), 2 6v6 training courts, 4 badminton courts.

  • Bury Leisure Centre


  • St Alban's High School, Ipswich

    NVL standard posts, referee stand and 9m net, 2 pairs of posts with sliders, 2 half hall nets.  All equipment owned or managed by Ipswich Ravens VC

  • Floor markings for full 6v6 court (centered), 2 6v6 training courts, 4 badminton courts.

  • Stowupland High School


  • Newmarket Leisure Centre


  • Ipswich School

    6v6 court only, posts with pin supports and 9m net owned by Ipswich School, used by Seagulls,


Other Venues

  • Stoke High School, Ipswich (formerly Maidenhall)

    TBA - previously used by Ipswich VC and venue for Mavis tournaments, might not own posts.

  • Copleston High School, Ipswich

    Wall sliders with shallow net across 4 badminton courts with mid way support posts,  used for schools tournaments.

  • Kesgrave High School

    Wall sliders with shallow net across 4 badminton courts, currently (2023) no mid way support posts, used for schools tournaments.

    Full size 6v6 court markings in both main hall and smaller gym.  Floor anchor points suitable for the pair of grey posts with pin supports for the net.  They also have a pair of blue posts with sliders but the positioning of the anchor points means that the main upright would intrude on to the court.  The anchor points in the main hall are currently (2023) full of resin (?) so would need to be cleared out before using.

  • Kesgrave Community Centre


  • Adastral Park, Martlesham (BT)

    6v6 court only, low ceiling.  Access to the site is only allowed via prior booking by an employee who must be present to sign in all visitors.

Other potential venues

Chantry Academy, Ipswich - TBA

Ipswich Academy/Holywells High School - TBA

Inspire Suffolk (Lindbergh Road) - no floor sockets

Ipswich School (Rushmere Sports Centre) - TBA

Gainsborough Sports Centre, Ipswich

Whitton Sports Centre, Ipswich - no floor sockets, no posts

St Joseph's College, Ipswich - TBA

Holbrook Academy - ? 



The SVA has equipment that can be used for various events. Please get in touch if you would like to loan some of this for your event.

  • Outdoor Volleyball Nets
  • Beginners and junior balls
  • Megaphone