The first known volleyball activity in Suffolk was in the 70s. Ron Ames, who had played on beaches on the continent, persuaded the manager of the newly opened Stowmarket Sports Centre to run a volleyball course in 1972. Around this time, local caravan club members and lads from RAF Wattisham were playing in a fairly wild manner.

By 1975, Sudbury VC were well established and playing in the North Essex League and Ron played for them.  Volleyball was included in inter-town sports days around this time and it was there that Ron met Neal Sheppard which led to the formation of Stowmarket VC.  It was at another of these sports days that Ron met Dennis Tattoo, around 1978/79.  At the time Dennis was teaching at King Edward VI Grammar School in Bury St Edmunds and knowing that there were people playing at the US Air Force bases at Lakenheath / Mildenhall as well as the RAF bases at Wattisham and Honnington they agreed to see if a Suffolk League could be established.

The first meeting which led to the establishment of the Suffolk Volleyball Association was held at Ron's house with Mark Mathieson of Sudbury, representatives from Lakenheath / Mildenhall and Wattisham as well as Ron and Dennis.

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